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Currency Switcher For WooCommerce

WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin helps with the setup of a multi-currency WooCommerce store. It allows users to store different currencies such as US Dollar, Euro, and GBP.

This plugin is a powerful solution that has access to multiple platforms with a few lines. With this plugin, you can easily switch between currencies for a particular product.

 You can quickly switch between different currencies for a specific language or even for all languages within your application. This plugin offers an easy way to set up different currencies in the WooCommerce store.

It can be used to set up multiple currencies for your website so that users of your website will not have to worry about switching between currencies when they need to transfer money from your shop.

We should not think of this plugin as a competitor of the Currency Switcher Plugin but rather as an alternative solution that can help customers save time and effort while using the same software.

 What is the WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin? How it works 

The WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin is for those who prefer to use external plugins.

It can also be used as a basic currency converter for those who want to use any plugin. The WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin helps to easily set up multi-currency in the WooCommerce store. 

Aco Currency Switcher

The plugin is very easy to use and does not require any programming skills at all since it is written in coding.WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin has a simple interface to set up multi-currencies for any WooCommerce Store.

The currency switcher can be used to easily switch between currencies when selling products in a WooCommerce store.WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin is a complete WooCommerce plugin that enables you to set up multi-currency in your WooCommerce store.

That’s very useful if you want to sell products that are not available in all currencies and enable customers to switch between them at will.

Why Use Currency Switcher for WooCommerce?

The WooCommerce currency switcher plugin is a product that enables users to switch currencies in the WooCommerce store easily. It is not an application but it allows users to switch the currency settings for all major currencies in one single click.

The company behind this product has been working on this project for quite some time now and it is very much appreciated by its users as well as the media who have covered many aspects of this software.

This plugin helps you to use different currencies for WooCommerce. It allows you to change currency without having to open your WooCommerce Admin Panel.

It is a must-have plugin for all merchants who are selling products on the e-commerce platform. And used by both online and offline sellers of products, including e-commerce sites for medium, large and small business sectors.

WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin Features

  • Multiple Currency switch.
  • Option to set default currency.
  • Auto-update currency rate option via an aggregator.
  • Update the currency rate by clicking the update button.
  • Email notification after updating currency rate with details information.
  • Set of currencies aggregators for automatic rates changing. Also, the admin can set rates manually if it’s necessary!
  • Option to set exchange fee for each currency.
  • Option to set currency formate. and set Currency Switcher on Frontend with position left or right.

A WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin is useful for businesses that deal with different currencies and deals with them frequently.

The plugin aims at making it easier for the customers to switch between different currencies when they are shopping in a store. The plugin comes with a simple user interface and is easily customized according to your personal preferences and needs.

How to Buy Currency Switcher plugin?

The design of the plugin was very modern and attractive. A WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin is useful for businesses that deal with different currencies and deals with them frequently.

Aco Currency Switcher settings

when you want to sell a product localized in your country and if you want to avoid these products.

It can be especially annoying when you have to switch currencies after changing your currency. And then you have to do it again for every product that you sell.


This page will help you to install the Currency Switcher WooCommerce plugin for your store.If you have a WordPress website, you can use this plugin to automatically swap currencies on your product pages.

The plugin is highly customizable allowing you to change all aspects of the interface making it perfect for your needs. It helps you convert any currency to another one without having to take any actions on the back end.

It will scan all your products and display them using this new currency depending on which one you need at that moment. This also helps in converting products into multiple currencies. while providing price comparison features comparing prices of different currencies at the same time.

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