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Asif Jutt with Mirza Ali

Over the last decade, social media has played a massive role in everyone’s life. Social media services were introduced as simple platforms to stay connected. However, slowly these applications became more than that, where people found a place to voice their ideas, opinions, and beliefs. As the phenomenon of social media grew, people began to realize various ways to utilize this platform, and social media influencers were at the forefront. When running through this diverse list of famous influencers, mentioning Asif Jutt is a must.

Asif Jatt is a famous Pakistani social media personality and active Youtuber. He has a huge fan following on social media, and his fans follow her on every platform. His easy, casual manner of speaking, impeccable speech, and on-point humor always make us feel light. In addition to being a creative mind, Asif is a social activist who talks about Islamic issues. He had a video on his channle with Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza. In this video, he questions very hard on each point. He is also high the point of Engineer Sahib that “Phaki Bechna .” For someone, it may be funny, but his actual motive is to get a clear answer from Engineer sahib. Asif Jatt asked Muhammad Ali sahib if someone put a question in front of him, are you angry or not? The main reason for this question is that he wanted the top to ask him some tough questions. Moreover, I wanted to know if he got angry or not. However, Engineer sahib replied very slowly that he was angry with those who asked a normal or easy question; he was happy when someone asked a heavy question.

Questions with Mirza Ali:

Asif question to him that are you a member of the agency. He replied that I am a T20 player and not a member of any agency. He also highlights the main point: some agencies approach them but no more. He also said that there is no work for the agencies in politics. We have highlighted this topic many times in the past.  Asif jatt asked him what title some famous personalities took a nickname like mufti sahib, shah sahib, and imam sahib. He said it is reported that you asked IMAM yourself. However, Engineer Sahib made this point that it is Emam. It is the abbreviation of my full name Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza. It is not an imam. 

Asif jatt, this video clears every part of engineers’ lives, ambitions, and motives of speech. Some people think Mirza sahib is a fake personality, and someone thinks he denies Islam. However, after this video, it is clear that he is not even a fake personality. It is also an inspirational video for everyone. I also mention this video in the link; you can go to that and watch it yourself. Although Asif Jatt has a specious personality and is religious-hearted, his every video gives motivation to us.

Different from other influencers:

Each influencer creates unique material. These influencers have discovered a way to connect with a larger audience by blogging about food, informing people about the newest fashion trends, and providing fitness advice. Some influencers have achieved celebrity status, allowing them to market their products using their names.

However, Asif Jatt pointed out every aspect of life. In these videos, we have seen that he talks about earning platforms, and also he gives motivation to their followers. All his videos have Islamic touch for their followers.

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