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Why does your business need a missed call solution?

The main aim of any business is to draw new customers and retain the old customers; where the key is communication. Cloud communication technology has made it much easier. Missed call solution is one such communication tool that is beneficial for businesses as well as for the customers. Every business offers some mode of communication connection, business numbers are one such common mode of communication.

A business can use a missed call solution integrated with their business contact number. When a customer calls on the number, it will get disconnected automatically after a few rings.  Missed call solutions assist in handling the entire database with detailed information about the caller; that includes name, location, time of call, information about them being a new or old customer etc. It becomes easier for a business agent to reconnect with them. looking at the database investing much less time. Missed call solution make communication efficient and seamless.

A business needs a missed call solution for the following reasons:

  1. Being available for the customers at any given point of time is a branding sign of customer oriented services. It reduces the communication gap and enhances engagement. Even if the agents are not available 24X7, thanks to missed call solutions they can reconnect with the caller at the earliest possible. It also helps agents and businesses to enjoy non-working hours or after work periods without the risk of losing any customers. With an automated message after the missed call, a customer gets confirmation of being recorded and assurance of a follow-up call.
  2. Customer satisfaction draws more customers to the business which helps in increasing lead generation. Moreover, the agents need not verify the leads as the solution drives customer verification initiatives; the caller is automatically authenticated by the system which saves time and resources for the businesses.
  3. Missed call solution helps any business to broaden their market as it makes a business more accessible to people regardless of their geographical location. Even without the physical presence of a business, missed call solutions can help a business to expand its reach beyond the established location.
  4. Missed call solutions can be used by a business for easy opt in services. If a customer is interested in any specific service of the business or wants to get updates on any products, discounts or sales/offers, a business can provide them opt-in service through missed call solutions. This helps the businesses to have data of the customers for specific products or services. This also helps the customers to get only the specific information on desired topics.
  5. A business with a missed call solution can use custom analytic tools like Google Analytics and CRM. This strengthens the business as it offers insights and captures specific user journeys with a reporting interface.
  6. Different campaigns can be strategized by a business with the help of missed call solutions. Agents can collect customer feedback while calling them back from the database to new product details and also share insights about products.
  7. A business can combine missed call solutions with outbound calling solutions that can be processed through targeted messages to customer contact numbers.

Missed call solution uses IVR’s multi-level menu to answer every customer call to establish immediate interaction with the customers.  Toll-free missed call numbers also help customers to draw more customers. Missed call solution offers real-time updates, and an analytics dashboard as well. The automatic disconnection of the calls reduces boredom at the caller’s end.

There are different packages with different features that Missed call service providers in India offer. Startups are increasing at a fast pace and the demands for missed call service providers in India are also increasing. The demand for missed call service in India is growing each day with the bloom of startups. Missed Call Service in India is very popular for big, medium as well as for small businesses.

With the increase in the number of startups in our country, the demand for missed call service providers in India is also rising. Regardless of your business size, the growth potential is surely high if you decide to go with a missed call service in India. Various missed call service providers in India do offer different packages with varying needs and features.

It assists in accelerating business market reach which is profitable for any business. The database of missed call solutions can be used for the market as well as product research as well as to design sale strategies. It can be used as tool for training and management. Knowlarity is one of the most popular missed call service providers in India.

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