Vastu Role in Finding a Suitable Partner for Marriage

The task of searching for a life partner is quite complex, and it needs a lot of patience. There are times when people fall for someone in the first meeting, whereas there are some who might take time to recognize their feelings.

The thing that is common in humans is that everyone desires to be love and accept. But unfortunately, human beings are likely to reject love when a time arrives in our lives that stops them from seeking pleasure and contentment. Later on, no comfort or solace will aid us in getting over the point that conspiracies restrict us from feeling love.

All this negativity will crush our confidence, making it tougher for us to adore and care. Certain Vastu tips can assist in finding love and a suitable marriage partner. Keep reading to know them.

Vastu Tips for Attracting Love

  1. As per a renowned Vastu expert in Delhi, the red colour can be very auspicious for you, so do introduce it in your life. Put on attires that are in red colour. You can also carry a red-coloured handkerchief, a phone case, etc. This is the colour of love.
  2. Try not to amass or be a collector of unused or old articles. Get rid of all the articles you won’t be needing in the coming years. Give them to those who need them and make some room for more vibration to come inside.
  3. You must ensure that your bed is made with the right materials. Also, make sure that it is located between two doors. The doors are the indicators of the action of leaving, and you do not want to entice that feeling within the room.
  4. Decide on white or shades of yellow or pink for the house, mainly for the bedroom and bathroom.
  5. The photographs of your belove must be kept on the northwest side of the house as it’ll aid in attaining positivity.
  6. Ensure that your head is in the southern direction of the house when you are sleeping. This will aid you in getting a peaceable life and openness to novel experiences.
  7. Inside the house, allow more natural light to come in. You must hang curtains of light colour and allow the sunlight to enter. With good lighting inside the room, you get some positive vibes.
  8. Keep any object or painting of love birds in the southwestern direction of the house. This is a great Vastu tip for attracting love.
  9. In case you are renovating or moving, you must avoid sleeping in a room that is in the southern or eastern corner of your house.
  10. Keep fresh flowers inside the bedroom. You can incorporate hibiscus, roses, and roses. These flowers denote love and fertility. You must also incorporate fairy lights and candles in your home’s romantic corner.

Vastu Tips to Find the Right Marriage Partner

There have been many parameters consider while a person fails to tie the knot or while he or she faces marriage-related problems in life. Have a look at these Vastu tips that might work in the favor of those struggling to find a partner:

  • There can be a delay in a girl’s marriage, and it can be bothersome for both herself and her parents. In this situation, the room’s placement can be a critical factor. Setting up a girl’s room in the southwest direction of home brings lots of steadiness than needed. This makes the girl not get married for long. So, the best Vastu expert in Delhi suggests building the room for the girl on the northwest or the extreme west side of the house.
  • For single males, the trouble relate to not being able to tie the knot might take place if the room is situated on the wrong side. Thus, in this case, the extreme south and extreme west directions of the house are favorable.
  • The experts suggest sleeping in the southwestern or north-eastern bedroom for a single boy. They even advise them to sleep in the south bedroom of the house.
  • For People, whether male or female, with Mangal Dosha in their natal chart, it is advisable for the family members to colour the doors of the girl’s or boy’s room. The colours that are advise to apply are bright red and pink because these colours can lower the adverse effects of Mangal Dosha.
  • The central part of the home is the Brahmasthan. It is vital to keep the Brahmasthan clean and avoid building a stairway or anything hefty within that space.
  • Experts also advise using light and bright-coloured bed sheets that have the likes of yellow, pink, light blue, and violet.


Want to learn more tips for marriage? Then reach out to the most trustworthy Vastu expert or tarot reader in Delhi.

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