Gojek Clone: The Best Solution To Integrate Multiple Business Verticals Into One App

A multi-service solution like the Gojek clone – KINGX 2022 app is a preferable choice for many entrepreneurs as it’s the gateway to earning more money, providing unique services, and becoming successful. While for the customers, an all in one app is a manner of living a luxurious life. Why luxurious, you may ask? Well, for one, this app brings you the most valuable services to the doorstep saving you the trouble of stepping outside your comfort, driving, or standing in a long queue. And two, you can get anything at the tap of your finger!


As said, the Gojek clone-KINGX 2022 application is the most scalable solution for entrepreneurs who want to build a world-renowned brand. This digital platform doesn’t provide a single service but multiple! To be precise, there are 82+ services that you can provide your customers with.

These multiple verticals are grouped into 7 different categories.

Online taxi booking via iWatch or smartphone

Let your users book a taxi ride from one location to another using their smartphone (Android/iOS) or even with their internet-enabled iWatch. The users need to add their current location, destination, and even other stops if they want, to proceed with sending the request. And if the user is unsure about the destination, well, they can add it later!

On-demand deliveries from nearby stores, shops, or restaurants

Gojek clone empowers the users to order groceries, medicines, medical marijuana, water bottles, fresh flowers, etc. All these services are available on demand. As soon as the user sends the request for a service, say, delivery of fresh yellow sunflowers from Flowers & More, a delivery driver is assigned for the job.

This delivery driver will then pick up the order from the florist and deliver it directly to your customer’s doorstep. 

On-demand service providers

It is here in this service that the customers can easily book services of spa, doctor, tutor, astrologer, car washer, and many more. Here, the user has the liberty to choose the service provider that befits their needs and book their services at a convenient date and time.

Plus, the service provider comes fully equipped with everything to complete the service your customers want!

Parcel delivery

Besides delivery from stores or shops, the Gojek clone app also provides your users the service of parcel delivery. For instance, one of your users wants to send out 2 boxes of ceramic cups to one of their friends living nearby but doesn’t have the time. They can easily book a four-wheeled vehicle that will carry their boxes and deliver them to the desired address!

The user can simply select the vehicle type they want depending on the quality and weight of the parcel!

Delivery genie and delivery runner

The delivery genie is someone who goes out, fetches, and purchases the stuff your user wants from the market and then delivers it straight to their doorstep. On the other hand, the delivery runner is the person who is hired by the users to run errands for them such as delivering a lunch box, sending a document, picking up an order from a relative’s place, and so on.

Online video consultation

This component is exclusive to only Gojek clone-KINGX 2022 application. Here, your users can book an online video consultation with professionals like doctors, lawyers, tutors, astrologers, and even fitness coaches. The money is automatically deducted from the credit card linked to the user’s account. Therefore, the users don’t have to stress about the ‘how to pay for the service’ part!

Bid for service

Here, the user can post a handy task on the application and then start negotiating the service charges with the providers. This service is only available for hiring handyman like carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and so on.


The multiple verticals that can be integrated into the Gojek clone app can help you earn much more than you have to invest. This means that you can rake in billions in profit without having to spend that much. However, this condition is only applicable if you purchase a ready-made solution!

So, grab one today!

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