Excellent Tips for Acing the IELTS Writing Test

Basically, the writing section of the IELTS exam is conducted to test how proficiently a test taker can respond to a given situation in a written manner. Grammar and vocabulary aren’t the only things that the examiner is going to test. In fact, your ability to give a logical and clear response to a given situation will also matter. You can also use your experience, examples, and skills to give more clarity to your answers. The basic purpose of this article is to shed light on some excellent tips for acing the IELTS writing test. If you desire to ace this section then make sincere efforts to improve your essay writing in English. 

So many Indian students are making up their minds to get settled abroad for a  better future. But they have to pass an English proficiency test to become eligible for admission into the organizations/institutions abroad. Also, having proficiency in English will definitely help you in various spheres of your life. Therefore, gaining proficiency in English before booking your IELTS exam date is always wise. 

Read the following points to know some excellent tips for acing the IELTS writing test.

Know the test

Relying on the information provided from one source will not be a good idea. You must surf multiple recognized websites to gain more knowledge about the exam. Such as how the exam is conducted, the grading system, timing, etc. Note that the right information can only be availed by surfing the trusted websites. 

Understand the questions

It is important to understand the basic purpose of the questions asked in the exam. For this, you have to read the question with a calm mind. Then, identify the main keyword to understand what the question is actually asking. Such as if it is asking to write an opinion, discussion, solution, etc. Note that understanding the question correctly is the basic attribute to giving the answer correctly. 

Organize your ideas

Picturing the main content in your mind before starting to write the answer will help you write in a better way. Therefore, before you commence writing, you must at least devote 2 minutes to know what you have to write and in what way. Collect the examples, experience, and skills to clarify your idea for the IELTS writing test. 

Manage your time

The most important skill that you have to gain is mastering your time while writing your response. This can be done with the help of practising. On the internet, you can easily access the countless sample papers related to each module of the exam. Get them and practice daily to improve your writing skills. Keep in mind that giving your response within a limited time is essential. 

Make paragraphs

Writing your answer in just one paragraph is a very bad idea. You must use a different paragraph to write a different idea but avoid using too many paragraphs. Also, remember to maintain a logical sense while writing your answer. So that the examiner can easily correlate the answer. It is better to design a proper format during the preparation for writing your answer efficiently. 

Use vocabulary and grammar

Using a great level of vocabulary will help you leave a good impression on the examiner. But remember that you have to maintain the sense while writing your answer. Writing your answer using proper grammar and accurate vocabulary is very essential if you want to achieve a good score in the upcoming IELTS writing test. 


Practising sincerely to improve your writing skills will definitely help you hit the target score. Also, if you are preparing at your home then take the help of the solved sample papers available on the internet for free. Then, match your answer with the experts to know the difference and weaker areas. Additionally, always hold on to the hand of sincerity while practising anything. Sincerity and persistence is the key to success. 

We advise you to spend your hard-earned money on the exam only after proper preparations. Make sincere efforts to gain practical knowledge of English before booking your IELTS/PTE exam date. To check the available exam dates, you are required to visit the official website of the exam conducting body.


The most important activity that you have to do while taking the test is to control your thoughts. Think positively while taking the IELTS writing test of the exam. Lastly, we hope that considering the points written in this article will help you take your preparation to a next level. 

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