Elise Christie wants to return for 2026 sports

Britain’s Elise Christie has stated that she wants to come back to viable skating for the 2026 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Christie is 31 years old now, and she was free from short-track haste skating in December.

The former world and European victor did not win a medal in the origin of three Winter Olympics, missing out in 2014 and 2018 after the contentious casualties.

But someone asked her on Wednesday if she had made calmness with the Beijing Olympics Christie told BBC Sport: “No. I supposed I had it.”

She further added in his statement that: “sighting the 500m occasion the other day, I have conceived a vow I’m going to do everything I can to try to get.

Additionally, she said that “I’m not in a mood to be paddling the 1500m, though.

Christie pointed out that she would point on the shorter distances – 500m or 1,000m.

The Livingston-born glider, who has faced mental health and multiple injuries throughout her life career, said at the time of her departure, her sporting career was not over, but she was firmed to point on coaching for the abrupt future.

Working as a guider; on the BBC’s coverage of the Beijing winter Olympics sports, she pointed out that she was designed to work with guider Nicky Gooch and skater Sarah Lindsay, the champion of three-time Winter Olympian short-track haste.

However, she supposed she would have to self-fund her bid to compete at the 2026 winter Olympics Games. And to be present in the Italian occasions of Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Christie said, that I’m talking to Sarah, and we necessitate to return in the figure.

Despite this, we are going to have overseas, truthfully, and then we will do self-funding and shaping all that out. There we require some time to do that. But I’m continuing to start getting back into the figure.

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