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Your pregnancy to-do list

To-do lists are an efficient way of staying on top of things. They let you plan your days, so that you are organized without fretting about missing out on one task or the other.

Such order becomes even more important during pregnancy, where there is little room for errors and yet brain fog so intense that you might end up missing out on important things.

So, to help you be organized and relaxed, here are some suggestions for your to-do list. 

Your pregnancy task list

Set up a schedule of your doctor appointments

During pregnancy, you must visit your gynecologist doctor in Islamabad on time. Doctor needs to keep abreast of the health of the mother and the baby.

Hence, missing out on the doctor’s appointments is not an option. A good way then to ask your doctor for a timeline of all the appointments. Put them then on your calendar so that you received notifications near the time of the appointment.

Reminders for daily supplements

Many women have to take supplements, as the need for nutrients is heightened during pregnancy. It is especially important to take folic acid supplement before getting pregnant and during the initial weeks of pregnancy, as the baby otherwise can suffer from neurodevelopmental problems like spina bifida. So, put a reminder on for your phone to take supplements daily.

Baby shopping

If you try to buy everything all at once, chances are that you will tire and overwhelm yourself. So, make a list of all the essential items that you need for the baby. Do your research first; having a baby is expensive, and you do not need everything in the store.

Once you have an itinerary of all the items that you need, then try to get things done bit by bit.

Schedule your classes

If it is your first baby, chances are you need training in the matters of parenthood. While of course, you can do your own research, but antenatal classes can also be of help. They are more hands-on, and you therefore get a better idea. If you and your partner would like to opt for one, then also pen those down at a time convenient for both.

Have a labor bag ready

Baby does not exactly inform before coming, so to avoid being caught off guard, have your labor bag ready well before time. Some women might have preterm labor as well, which is distressful time, and having the added problem of packing can lead to further panic. So, pack your labor bag early.

Make your birthing plan

Another thing to put on your to-do list is your birthing plan. Work out where you want to have the baby, at home or the hospital. Do you want to opt for a natural birth or c-section?  Will you be taking an epidural or not? Set a clearer idea of how you want the birth to look like.

Have an exercise plan ready

Unless your doctor has put you on bedrest or put an embargo on exercise, you should stay active during pregnancy. Not only does it promote health, but it also helps with labor as well.

One set of exercises that are especially helpful are pelvic floor exercises. You need these muscles to be strong to bear the load of the baby and avoid problems of incontinence. Furthermore, having a stronger pelvic floor is also useful for labor as well.

Similarly, antenatal yoga is also helpful. The focus on breathing improves your mental health and mood. During labor as well, breathing drills are useful. Moreover, the stretches help with the pains that occur in pregnancy.

Having your hospital and finances sorted

During labor, the last thing you want to do is decide which hospital you want to opt for or if you have your insurance sorted or not. So, discuss which hospital you want to consider with your gynecologist in Rawalpindi. Also see if your doctor takes your insurance, alongside sorting all the requisite paperwork.

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