Xu Mengtao of China fetched booming women’s freestyle skiing aerials.

Xu Mengtao won the first gold Olympics medal for China in the women’s freestyle skiing aerials for china at getting Snow Park. After this, he made history for the women’s freestyle by getting a gold medal. In Zhangjiakou, on Monday this incident happens that makes the people sentiments unlimited. However, this is a fantastic display in sub-zero temperature. A veteran who is 31 years old now won the silver medal in Olympics in 2014. And following this, he wins the silver medal again in Beijing 2022. He scored 108.61 points; in the finals matches to win the silver contest last week.  While; Hanna Huskova wins the silver medals in the winter Olympics 2022 with a score of 107.95.  And Megan nick also got the bronze medal in the Winter Olympics with a score of 93.76.  In the final rounds of Beijing 2022 in the afternoon during the qualifying rounds, Xu had the contest with the Ashely of the USA team. Laura peel is ruling world champions of Australia with xu’s compatriot Kong Fanyu. During the game, they were the only sportsman to score more than a hundred points with the triples. They left the door open for the Xu by their poor performances.

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