Women’s Ice Hockey Match – Finland v Switzerland for the bronze medal

Susanna Tapani lead her team with sixth ambition, Anni Keisala choked 15 goes. Moreover, Finland supposed its fourth bronze medal with a 4-0 for Olympic women’s hockey. Therefore they got success over Switzerland.

Consecutive Olympics, for the bronze medal on Wednesday nights. Thus, triumph obtained Finland a bronze medal.

Viivi Vainikka and Nelli Laitinen also leave in a match of last year in the world championship; for the bronze medal. And in this match, Finland won by a 3-1 score. In the preliminary curved, the Finns answered from a 3-2 score loss to the Swiss.

Andrea Braendli of Switzerland; stemmed 34 of the first 35. As a result, she had to face, and 43 score overall. In the third period, the Finns back by counting three times. In an attempt, the Swiss squad fell short to compete for their best end at the 2014 Sochi Games when they beat Sweden for the precious bronze medal.

Into the first period, Vainikka of Switzerland began the scoring 11:38 by driving to the front of the net and slipping in a free puck. Into the third age, Tapani scored on a short-handed 2-on-1 break 3:24. Laitinen and Karvinen in power-play goals in the final 5:36 sealed the win.

Stopping 173 of 189 shots Kerala finished the competition, though appearing in all seven games. Against Switzerland, her best save came mid when she got her glove up to rest Lena Marie Lutz’s shot on a breakaway through the second period.

The defending Olympic winner United States and Canada meet in the gold-medal Beijing winter Olympic game for the sixth time in seven tournaments on Thursday.

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