What makes KuCoin the best cryptocurrency exchange?

Any beginner who has not experienced trading in cryptocurrency before should understand the crypto trading platforms. And when it comes to searching for the cryptocurrency exchange, then there are many names. One such example is the KuCoin exchange. If you take advice from a crypto expert, then he will surely research cryptocurrency exchange that guarantees security or is suitable for you. So let us know more about KuCoin in this article.

KuCoin: Is it a better cryptocurrency exchange?

KuCoin is a famous cryptocurrency exchange in terms of crypto operations. The foundation of this crypto trading platform took place in September 2017. Its parent company is Mek Global Limited. It benefits users with its mobile application. KuCoin lists many cryptocurrencies around 200. With time, this trading platform has proved its worth in the crypto space. 

A Brief History

KuCoin exchange made its debut launch in September 2017. It was founded by a term that was into the experimentation with blockchain technology. Technically, its creation was completed in 2013. It did take time for its refinement. The funding of this exchange was done via ICO in 2017. It was the time when the native crypto of KuCoin, KCS emerged in the crypto space. It proved to be the best with great offers and profits including discounts for trading. The crowdfunding of the KuCoin led to positive success with the KuCoin token (KCS) having a maximum price. 


  • KuCoin excels in the smooth interface, security, user-friendly features, and multiple crypto services. This cryptocurrency exchange also benefits from the use of credit cards and debit cards.
  • This means you can use them for buying crypto. With its special technique Pool X, you can stake the cryptocurrency.
  • KuCoin also gives opportunities in becoming a participant in IEOs. It charges low fees.
  • Apart from major and popular cryptos, KuCoin also lists those who are least popular. 
  • Around ninety percent of the fees for trading go to the community of KuCoin via its KCS tokens. 
  • Through KCS tokens, 90% of the trading fees go to the KuCoin community.

Basic features of KuCoin exchange

Similar to other exchanges, KuCoin has also established itself in the world. 

As mentioned above, this cryptocurrency exchange lists several crypto services like trading (margin and futures), P2P marketplace, lending and staking services, participation in initial exchange offering for crowdfunding of crypto launching, etc.

Low Fees

Being one of the best exchanges, KuCoin supports a wide collection of cryptos. It benefits its customers with low fees of 0.1% for every trade. Fees are even low for future trading. 

Government-Issued Currencies

The KuCoin exchange is supportive of big government-issued currencies like Canadian Dollar, Euro, United States Dollar, Australian Dollar, British Pound Sterling, and more.

The latter crypto trading platform allows its customers to make the best use of these fiat currencies in exchange to buy prominent digital currencies including BTC and USDT.

It is all possible through its P2P fiat trading mechanism, and with the help of plastic card money through platforms like PayMIR and Simplex.

24/7 customer support

If you get stuck in some problem, then KuCOin has a strong customer support service through ticketing and the official website. It is available 24/7.


KuCoin excels in multiple security provisions regarding daily data functioning ensuring high security.

Lending and staking cryptocurrency

You can earn cryptocurrency through lending and staking on KuCoin.

User-Friendly Platform

Everyone can make the best use of this cryptocurrency exchange. Its design is very superb and makes it easier for any novice trader to explore it. 

Strategy Of Price Protection

KuCoin is an exchange that is based in Hong Kong. It has been active in bringing up new strategies for the community.

With its price protection strategy feature regarding spot trading, it has benefitted users to explore its new Cancel feature. This won’t cause unwanted loss at the time of order placing.

Final words

So this is all about the cryptocurrency exchange, KuCoin. It is listed among the top crypto trading platforms including Kraken, Binance, Poloniex, Gemini, and others. If you seem new to this decentralized money world and are eager to experience trading in cryptocurrencies, then KuCoin is the best platform to explore. The exchange excels in user-friendly features and is suitable for beginners. 

Plus, it comes with the best price protection tactic that lets you avoid unwanted loss while placing orders. After reading all about this exchange, now you can analyze whether this exchange suits your needs or not. To explore more other topics like epay Binance, log on to the Cryptoknowmics, the best crypto guide for all crypto enthusiasts. 

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