Tips to turn your business cards into a lead generation tool

Have you switched to a digital, paperless marketing approach instead of the conventional business card? You are getting some excellent marketing chances if you have. While many older business professionals still use business cards like they did 20 years ago. Are you also saying to people, “Hello, my name is Warner? Ping me if you have any real estate inquiries. Here is my card”. Then stop doing it right now. It has become challenging for people in today’s world to market anything due to saturation. However, thanks to some tips, you can convert your business card into a lead generation tool. Many of those tips are discussed below:

Understand your lead brands.

You can get business cards that provide information about the owner or the company they work for. As you gather business cards, you may determine whether a contact fits the targeted consumer profile you have developed for your product offering by looking at the design, font, and quality of the business cards the company uses. If they do, you will know there is a greater chance they will be interested in your goods or service. Then, it would be logical to give this a high priority, handle it as a qualified lead, and follow up right away.

Use social media handles for lead generation.

Lots of businesses put their social media handles on their business cards. Having access to these resources when direct emails and phone conversations fail to generate a response, you have additional options of contacting the contact and tracking them down to discover more about them. Try to involve them if you’ve bonded with them. They can tell their network about your brand’s or product’s social media posts if they like or share them. They might be influential for your good or service.

Check Email Signature Blocks for New Leads

Principal contact information, typically an email address, is on business cards. Teams start following up with leads using this email address. However, these email threads frequently contain hidden new emails (e.g., other people in CC). These fresh leads ought to be collected. You can connect your mailbox account to the email lead capture tool. Once you’ve established a connection, the app will make recommendations whenever any new connections from your emails or email chains emerge. Your database will be improved as a result, and you’ll have new leads to nurture.

Grow Your Business Through Business Cards

One may find a ton of information on business cards. If you can use this information efficiently and effectively to produce qualified leads, many of them can be converted into paying customers. Proper follow-ups and nurturing are crucial. Collecting and reaching prospects is simpler if you have multiple channels available.

Use the website mentioned in the business cards.

Most people also mention their business website on the cards. So it is very important to note down those websites and schedule the follow-up routine. It is a very secure method to generate leads from business cards. Using the website and keeping it updated also has a huge impact and weightage on the prospect’s first impression.

Create a business card

You may now get your business card made since you have an offer and landing page in place. You can include all the customary information on the front of the card, but the back of the card will have your exclusive offer. The landing page’s URL, which you created in step 2, will also be available. You can use “” or another short and simple URL.

You can also use customized business cards for this purpose. It looks more interesting than the normal business cards.

Give out your business card with assurance.

With everything in place, you can stop trying to sell people your card and ridiculous sales pitches. You now have something of value to offer others. Therefore all you have to do is market that, not you. Always remember there are many ways to bring your point across, but confidence matters.


These 7 tips help convert business cards into lead generation tools. Everything is given in the business cards only. You need to use them carefully so that regular follow-up generates even more leads.

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