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The popular music streaming platform, Apple Music, recently hosted one of the most iconic battles in music history: the Verzuz showdown. This matchup brought together two very different musical sources, Apple Music and Marching bands. With more than 40 million viewers tuning in from around the world, this battle was a momentous occasion that revived both hip-hop culture and band culture. sources apple verzuz march

In the music industry, few names come with as much clout as Apple and Verzuz. With a combined presence in the music industry since 2001, Apple and Verzuz have made their mark by creating innovative digital platforms for artist to collaborate and share their artistry. Since its inception, the two companies have had a hand in revolutionizing how music is shared, listened to, and created. sources apple verzuz march

Since its inception in March 2020, Apple’s Verzuz series has revolutionized the way we listen to music. Pitted against each other in a battle of hits, some of the most talented musicians have been featured in these widely-viewed live comparisons. As fans await the upcoming season, it is important to examine where this phenomenon came from and what sources are credited for its success. This article will explore the history and sources behind Apple’s Verzuz series that started it all.

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