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Smart Insurance Practices for Renters in Manhattan, NY

Smart Apple focuses on choice and opportunity. We know there are a million insurance agents in Manhattan who can sell you insurance. And not everyone knows much about renters insurance in New York. That’s why we’ve created these city and state-specific renters insurance guides to help people make the right insurance decisions. We provide this information to help people make the right decisions to protect their families.

Smart Apple is the only national insurance company dedicated entirely to the insurance needs of renters. Insurance for a rental apartment in Manhattan is very different from the insurance required for a condo or co-op. Co-ops are not very common outside of New York City. Therefore, anyone needing home insurance in New York should research the different forms of insurance and make sure they are suitable.

We’re not just selling insurance, we’re changing the insurance industry forever. The old model, which most of the industry still desperately clings to, was to sell the largest policies possible and ignore the smaller policies that people need just as much. That may be a good thing, but it’s not the right insurance model for Manhattan renters. New Yorkers have a lot of things to protect, so they generally expect full service, whether it’s a large or small policy. That’s the nature of the market. Our company works hard to make sure that no matter how big the policy is, we work hard to find out if it needs coverage and how much coverage the policyholder should have.

We are transforming the insurance business model by ensuring that everyone gets the time and energy they need from our Manhattan, New York rental insurance experts.

How much does renters insurance in Manhattan cost?

Whenever we put together a guide to renters insurance in any city, this is the first question we get asked. In Manhattan, New York, basic renters insurance, which includes $15,000 worth of property insurance and $100,000 worth of liability insurance, costs about $15 per month. But for many people living in Manhattan, that’s not enough. The good news is that insurance pricing is not linear.

We’re not actuaries, and neither are you, so we’re not going to get into the math. But the biggest risk is taken when the policy is purchased. That’s where most of the costs are incurred. Doubling the coverage may increase the price slightly, but doubling the coverage is unlikely to double the costs. Installing coverage is very inexpensive and is often a wise move. Its low cost means you don’t have to give up all the coverage you need.

What is loss of use coverage in renter’s health insurance in Manhattan?

The technical answer to the question of what is loss of use coverage in renter’s insurance in Manhattan, New York is, “If the apartment becomes uninhabitable because of damage to the property insured by this policy or to the building in which the property is located, you will be covered, at your option, for one of the following:. … An increase in the necessary living expenses you must incur to provide your family with a normal standard of living, or … Reasonable expenses for you …

But what does this really mean? Let’s break it down into its component parts.

The damage must have been caused by something that is covered by insurance. If, for example, you are attacked by aliens with a ray gun, such insurance would not work.

The house must not be habitable as a result of covered damage. If a television set is stolen because the door was left open, the house is still habitable. On the other hand, if someone breaks into the house and destroys the front door. You are probably insured for loss of use because you cannot live safely in the house without the front door.

What is excluded from New York Manhattan car rental insurance?

We’re not going to list all the exclusions, but at the risk of boring you, we’ll touch on a few of the most important ones.

Regulations and laws

Anything you have to do, not because the damage occurred, but because you have to do it, is not covered. As a tenant, these things are often the landlord’s problem, not yours, so they may not have much impact on your real life.

Ground Movement

Earthquakes and landslides are excluded, but coverage can be reinstated through an endorsement. In most cases, neither earthquakes nor landslides are a major risk for rental property insurance in Manhattan, New York.


If an earthquake causes a fire, explosion, or breakage of glass that is part of the building, or if an earthquake causes a theft, the resulting fire, explosion, breakage, or theft will probably be covered. If a major earthquake occurs in Middletown and results in a burglary. The damage caused by the burglary may be covered.

Water Damage

This exclusion does not mean that water is not covered, but that certain types of water damage are not covered. Pipe breaks that cause water damage are generally covered damages. Flooding, surface water, waves, tides, flowing bodies of water, and water below the surface are not covered. They all fall under flood insurance and are separate products.

Sewer and drain backups are excluded but may be covered by a note. We strongly recommend adding this endorsement, as such coverages are quite costly and inconvenient. Sewer and drain backup endorsements are worthwhile, as they often cost only a dollar or two per month.

Nuclear Risk

Although excluded, those who suffer losses in a nuclear disaster are, in most cases, more concerned with their own lives than with paying for insurance.

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