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Today’s Skin Care Review: Blogging on skin care products and how they work.

I’ve been into skin care products for a long time, and I’m always looking forward to discovering new ones. Recently, I stumbled upon a product that had been mentioned in several YouTube videos by beauty bloggers, and it sounded like just the thing I’d been looking for. So today, I’m going to review this product with you, plus show you how my experience using it on my hair was different from what others have mentioned online.

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Today’s skin care product

The product I’m reviewing today is a face mask that’s highly recommended by many YouTubers. The mask has received rave reviews from them and many customers, but one blogger really made me want to try it.

This particular blogger raved about this face mask and said that it left her skin feeling soft and smooth. She also mentioned that the ingredients in this face mask don’t cause irritation or breakouts—which was very important to me because I have sensitive skin! In general, she gave it high marks and had only positive things to say about it.

What sold me on this product was how well-spoken she was about her own experience with using it (I could tell she wasn’t paid or given free products). Her review was honest, enthusiastic, and detailed; I could tell she genuinely enjoyed using the product on herself and wanted others out there who were like-minded to know about it too!

First, I tried this product and liked it a lot.

First, I tried this product and liked it a lot. It was easy to apply without being too slippery, and my skin looked moisturized but not greasy. I have very sensitive skin, but this product did not irritate my face.

I also noticed that after using the serum for several days in a row, my blemishes cleared up! This was great news for me because I’m prone to breakouts around my chin area (which is why I started using a serum in the first place). The best part about this serum is that it didn’t cause any redness or irritation after use—a rare quality among facial care products on the market today!

Then, I decided that I wanted to try it on my hair

At first, I thought that this product was not going to work for me. It made my scalp itchy and dry, which is an issue I’ve had with many other hair products in the past. However, after using it for a few days in a row, I noticed that my scalp felt more moisturized than usual.

After some experimentation and research on what ingredients cause allergic reactions in people’s scalps (it turns out there are quite a few), I was able to determine that there wasn’t anything wrong with the product itself—but rather something about my own skin type.

After trying the product twice on my hair with different results each time

If you have used this product, please share your experience. Did it work well for your hair? What did you like or dislike about it? How did it compare to other products that you’ve tried in the past? I really want to know what others think of this product so I can better inform my readers!


Overall, I loved how this product worked on my skin but didn’t like how it made my hair look. I haven’t tried other products from this brand yet, but will definitely be keeping an eye out for them in case there are any that work better for me!

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