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Are you serious about your career and planning to move towards the cloud computing industry as it is one of the most growing platform in today’s age, especially the Amazon Web Services or AWS? So, your aim of working on the advance technology to secure your future will now match best with the in-demand skills of the technology field.

AWS became the world’s first cloud provider in 2006 and it is still the most widely used services which is attracting millions of customers and partners all over the world. AWS is the biggest and oldest public cloud provider and may companies whether it is big or small are now working with AWS on different projects.  It has great collection of services in AWS market place that provides innovative techniques and new tools to the organizations and individuals to migrate and implement their infrastructure on AWS platform. 

AWS mainly provides more than 130 services and the security standards of AWS has earned a huge trust in different organizations as a result of which it has become the most demanding cloud infrastructure in global  world. Thus, the companies are now looking for experts in AWS and IT professionals are searching for AWS training institutes to develop their skills that can help them to advance the career with high speed. Here we are providing 3 quick tips to develop your skill and become updated:

Keep current and updated skills

Whether you have years of experience in the cloud computing field or you are new to cloud architect, it is always suggested to keep yourself upgraded with AWS services. To keep your skills current, a proper training and hands-on experience is important and make yourself committed to being a lifelong learner because in AWS, there will be never ending skills to learn as the time passes, AWS will make itself more upgraded. The best way is to take AWS training session either online or offline from a reputed institute and make you updated. The AWS course range may vary from intermediate to advanced technology across AWS service.

Get practical and hands-on experiences with proper training

Lots of big and small companies now understand the value of AWS service and thus they are investing into the cloud skills training for their staff.  As per the current research, almost 90% of IT employers are facing skills shortage of AWS.

If your organization has a formal training program on AWS, then you should go for the training sessions to upgrade your skill. Else there are lots of online and offline AWS training partners and institutes those who are providing training classes to provide you practical. And real life experience by using contexts and also allow the participants to practice in a sandbox environment. Here you can get AWS Authorized Instructor who can help you to provide solutions of your queries.

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Do AWS Training and Certification Course

With the huge investment in the AWS Cloud technologies by different organizations. The companies are highly in need of expert AWS IT professionals. So, more and more IT professionals are doing AWS training and certification course to advance their cloud knowledge. AWS certifications are the most south-after cloud architects including Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and Professional AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

Doing proper AWs certification course will offer so many advantages including getting huge scopes and opportunities of jobs. Improved your skills and quality of work. And also giving you’re the chance of increase your salary or promotion.

There are several exams related to AWS certification course and each exam will validates your expertise. As well as increase your knowledge on that particular domain. AWS Certification course will offer exam preparation courses, sample of questions, online and offline resources of notes. And other resources that will ultimately help you to prepare for the exams and interviews.  

Different Courses for AWS Certification to Built Your Career:

As we have already discussed that AWS is one of the most popular cloud platform. So learning AWS from any reputed institution will definitely open the doors of various career opportunities. For beginner as well as experienced developers.  Some of the well known AWs courses are –

AWS Certified Solutions Architect for Associates

It is the most updated version to learn in 2022 where you can get a comprehensive overview of AWS. This course will provide you the concept on different AWs services. Like EC2, IAM, Auto Scaling, Load Balancing, Route 53, EFS, EBS, S3, RDS, Cloud Front, ElastiCache etc.  You will also learn about various Databases Aurora, DynamoDB, like RDS, Neptune, Redshift, Monitoring,ElasticSearch, ElastiCache,  Athena, Troubleshooting & Audit like CloudTrail, AWS CloudWatch, and VPC & Networking with depth knowledge. 

Fundamentals AWS Specialization

You can learn AWS from Amazon directly as well. Learning Coursera program from Amazon is the perfect choice. Coursera specialization mainly contains 4 different AWS courses which have been taught by AWS experts. This course is the best suitable one for the beginners those who are willing to learn core AWS services. The key concepts of AWS security, tricks and strategies to migrate from on-premises to AWS. And also the basics of creating server less applications with AWS. It will also provide you the opportunities of practicing everything that you have learned. By completing labs and exercises developed by AWS technical instructors.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Course

Another excellent course to learn AWS from the scratch is AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. This course will teach you AWS fundamentals to advanced cloud technologies. So that you can be able to ace the certification exam and be hired as a Cloud Engineer.

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