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Christopher Grotheer directs a German 1-2 podium to triumph the country’s first men’s skeleton gold medal at the Olympic Winter Beijing sports. Compatriot Axel Jungk with the People’s Republic of China’s Yan Wengang bagging effigy settled silver medal.

Christopher Grotheer at the Yanqing National Sliding Centre to triumph hurled an all-out assault on the ice and in Beijing 2022 Germany’s first Olympic men’s skeleton gold medal on Friday (11 February).

Grotheer as the two-time protecting world victor, came into Beijing 2022, itching to addition the Beijing Olympic Winter Games 2022 gold to his trophy cabinet.

When I was a child, I’m fantasized, about it, now the fantasy has come real.   Grotheer said; Before the first run, I was very perplexed, and I couldn’t sleep better last night either. Now I’m very happy with myself and all about them who made me struggle to make it real.

The Grotheer is 29-year-old now, made a statement of resolve in the first heat posting a track record of 1:00.00, and in a combined winning time of 4:01.01, triumphed two more to set up the success after four runs.

Adding to the country’s please, he became Germany’s first Olympic men’s skeleton victor past in sliding sports with compatriot Axel Jungk, who is sharing the podium, requesting the second step. In a time of 4:01.67, Jungk varnished with first-time Olympian of China Yan Wengang varnished third in 4:01.77.

Germany has not won an independent medal in the men’s skeleton contest at the Winter Olympics before Beijing 2022, despite being a dominant force in the other sliding Olympics sports of bobsleigh and luge.

After the first two runs, Yan was in third place; but after the third slid out of a medal position. He, however, in the fourth, lay down the wildest run and final heat to succeed the first-ever medal for his country’s in a slid sport at the Winter Olympics.

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