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Facebook’s Oversight Board, led by co-chairs Michael McConnell and Helle Thorning-Schmidt, is set to make history as the first independent body with the power to review content moderation decisions on the social media platform. Recently, The New Yorker published an article highlighting this new initiative, titled “Look at the Oversight Board Zuckerberg and Klonick Created”. look oversight board zuckerbergklonick newyorker

Facebook’s recent announcement of an independent oversight board is undoubtedly a huge step towards increased transparency and accountability of the platform. Led by Harvard Law Professor, Michael Klonick, and joining forces with the New Yorker Magazine, this board hopes to make sure that Facebook lives up to its lofty standards of protecting users’ rights and freedoms. look oversight board zuckerbergklonick newyorker

As Facebook continues to grow, the need for oversight and regulation of the social media giant has become increasingly apparent. Mark Zuckerberg and Nick Klonick have proposed an independent oversight board in response to this call for regulation. This article examines the implications of the proposed board, which was published in an article in the New Yorker. It will discuss how this board could affect user rights, online privacy and discretion, as well as other changes that may come with implementing a new form of oversight.

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