Know the Costs of Taking a Country Club Membership in Philadelphia PA

If you are a member of a Club you are already aware of the benefits that come with it. But a Country Club membership brings with it a host of amenities that are quite different from other clubs. This includes services like organizing special events, access to social gatherings, clubhouse facilities, and more. So, let’s take a look at some of the pros of joining a country club that makes it worth your membership fees. One of the biggest contentions of taking Country Club membership for booking Banquet halls Philadelphia PA is the cost associated with the same. So, it is better to know the cost of such a membership before going for the final booking.

Is your Membership worth the money?

By understanding the cost associated with a Country Club membership you will be able to make out if the benefits are worth the investment. Several fees and charges are levied on your membership plan which varies for different plans. So, the basic cost associated with taking a membership plan is as follows –

Initiation fee:

This is one of the biggest expenses related to a Country Club membership. It is the basic cost of obtaining the membership which can widely vary for different clubs and from year to year. It is mainly influenced by the current market economic condition as well as the financial operations of the club.

Monthly dues:

Some clubs charge an ongoing monthly fee to cover their operating cost. This can vary significantly depending on the club. So, it is better to inquire about the monthly fees before proceeding further.


Many clubs levy assessment fees on their membership plans to cover emergency expenses, special projects, or debt payments. While not all clubs levy such fees, those that do impose different rules for their members. So, inquire specifically about such fees or if it has already been included with the membership fee.


This is the amount that each member needs to spend on additional amenities like organizing social events, booking Banquet halls Philadelphia PA for weddings, anniversaries, or other events, accessing bars and restaurant services, etc.

Separation or cancellation fees:

Make yourself aware of the cancellation policy of the club just in case you decide to leave the club due to relocation or other purposes. Some clubs may not impose a cancellation fee as long as you have paid your dues to date. Others may impose a nominal amount as a cancellation charge. You might even be asked to find a replacement member if you want to leave without paying a cancellation charge.

Other associated costs:

The services provided by different clubs may vary. Depending on the services that you take such as purchasing golf lessons, booking lockers or bag storage units, etc. might need you to pay a nominal charge. Check for such additional costs that might escalate your membership fees before you decide to join the club.

Bottom Line

Country Clubs offering similar services to their members in the same location will have similar membership plans. However, it is better to inquire whether the cost of membership is inclusive of any additional costs or if they are charged separately. Knowing the costs can help you devise a proper budget and let you plan for your expenses.   

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