How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Story

If you’re wondering How to See Who viewed your Facebook Story, you’ve come to the right place. While you can’t see the identities of “Other” viewers, you can see how many times your story has been viewed. This information is hidden by Facebook, but you can always edit the privacy settings to see who’s actually viewing your story. But before you make the change, you should first understand who these “Others” are.

You can’t see everyone who views your Facebook story

When someone likes your story, you can see a list of “Other Viewers.” These are people who have not become friends with you yet. It might include people from your Facebook friends or random strangers. The list only appears if your privacy settings are set to “Public.” By default, your privacy settings are set to “Friends.”

The “Other Viewers” section of a Facebook story lets you see who has viewed it. These people are not your friends but follow you on Facebook and Messenger. Facebook doesn’t reveal the identity of anonymous viewers. However, when you share your story with Public, people who are following you on Facebook or Messenger can see it. Therefore, it’s important to check the privacy settings of your story to see if it’s public or private.

The other problem is that you can’t see everyone who views your story. If you change your privacy settings to “Friends,” you will be able to see who viewed your story. If you want to know who viewed your story, you can sign a petition to remove the Other Viewers. Also, if you have a private Facebook account, you can change your story’s privacy settings to “Friends” so that others won’t see it.

You can only see people you’re friends with

When you’re in Facebook’s newsfeed, you might wonder why you can only see updates from people you’re friends with. Chances are, you haven’t unfriended them, but the Facebook algorithm is causing you to only see posts from friends you have interactions with the most. Fortunately, there are several ways to fix this problem. Fortunately, Staci’s methods have worked for her.

The first option is to limit who can see your list of friends. Facebook has a number of ways to limit this, allowing you to choose whether everyone can view your list. You can limit access to friends by choosing the “Public” option, the “Friends” tab, “Friends except…”, and “Specific friends.” However, you can always go for “Only me” if you want to share a link with a specific friend.

You can edit privacy settings

If you’re not sure who has viewed your Facebook story, you can change the privacy settings for future posts and stories. Change the privacy to “Friends” or “Only me” if you’d like to restrict who sees your story. Turn off facial recognition if you want to protect yourself from unwanted Facebook messages and posts. Afterward, you can see who has viewed your Facebook story.

If you want to see who viewed your Facebook story, you can change the privacy settings. You can choose “Public” as the privacy setting on your story. This way, only your friends can view your story. But if you block a particular account, you won’t see the name or other details of the Other Viewers. Depending on the settings, you can see your story’s viewers if you know the person’s name.

You can view stories anonymously

Almost everyone has seen the ads asking you to login to Facebook to view stories. But did you know that you can also view stories anonymously on Facebook? All you have to do is create a new profile or use a friend’s profile if you don’t want your story to be seen by everyone. Facebook will not delete your account, but it will stop you from viewing stories from people who don’t know you.

To view stories anonymously on Facebook, you need to use the Facebook app. To view stories anonymously, you must open your Facebook application before turning off airplane mode. Then, turn off your WiFi and mobile data. Turn on Airplane Mode to prevent Facebook from registering you as a viewer. If you want to view a story anonymously without logging out, you can do so by peeking into it and not bringing it fully into your viewport.


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