How to Dry Out Your Amazon Bath Pillow

The excessive moisture in bathrooms can be an issue without proper ventilation and cleaning practices. Moisture can lead to mildew and in some cases even mold, which is why it’s necessary to use a diligent cleaning practice for bath accessories consistently exposed to water. 

If you use a luxury bath item such as the amazon bath pillow, here are a few useful tips on how to properly clean and dry them, and similar items (bath mats) in your bathroom. 

Be Careful with Products

While they may smell amazing, a lot of bath and beauty products can stain a bath pillow. 

If you paint your toenails or fingernails while in the bath, nail polish can be difficult to remove if you happen to spill anything. Nail polish remover and other chemicals could permanently stain the mesh fabric material of an amazon bath pillow, so use caution.

Soaking in the bathtub is the perfect place for hot-oil hair treatments, but it’s important to use a towel to wrap your hair so it doesn’t stain your pillow when lounging back. If you color your hair and allow it to process while in the tub, this is especially true. 

Even some shampoos and lotions can alter or stain fabric, so use caution. However, there is no need to stress about actually using your amazon bath pillow. Just follow these simple instructions. 

Remove and Hand Wash

It is not enough to just rinse your bathtub pillow or bath mat with water to keep it clean. A slimy film or build-up will always occur on wet cloth or plastic surfaces in bathrooms. For your amazon bath pillow, detach the suction cups holding it in place. This will allow you to properly clean the entire surface. 

The area where you lean your head can develop stains from products in your hair and soap. This can be reversed however with an old fashioned combination of baking soda and vinegar. For the best result, do not add the ingredients together until you are ready to start. Put a diluted mixture of vinegar and water into a spray bottle. 

Spray your amazon bath pillow with the mixture, then sprinkle on some baking soda to create a cleaning “paste.” You can use a cloth or sponge to easily rub out stains from your bathtub pillow! 

Even if you don’t have stains, the cleaner has antifungal properties so it will eliminate and prevent mildew too. The additional perks are that this mixture is natural and safe for pets and children, not to mention inexpensive. 

This cleaning mixture and process will also clean your bathmats, and almost anything else in your bathroom and kitchen too! 

Some bathtub pillows are machine washable, but keep in mind a washing machine can damage a bath pillow pretty quickly, even one that is well made. If possible, put the pillow in a protective mesh bag to prevent snagging. Wash it by itself, and only on a delicate or hand-wash cycle if available. Use only cold water and do not add bleach. 

If you regularly clean your amazon bath pillow, it probably won’t be necessary to machine wash. The larger concern is any mildew and mold development, which is why drying becomes the most important element in keeping your amazon bath pillow in good condition. 


If you have the high-quality amazon bath pillow made by Everlasting Comfort, the breathable mesh cover allows the pillow to have air. That, and the built-in hook to hang it ensure quick and thorough drying. You will never have to worry about mildew, build-up, or stains. 

When not in use, be sure the hook for your amazon bath pillow is somewhere over your tub. That way, when you hang it up to dry the dripping water won’t land on your bathroom rug or floor. 

If there is a fan for ventilation in your bathroom, be sure to  turn it on when you leave the room. Running the fan for even 10-15 minutes would be beneficial to help take most of the moisture out of the room. If you have a window, a small crack (weather permitting) can also help air out the bathroom. 

If the pillow isn’t drying completely, you may want to consider moving it from the bathroom to let it completely dry after it’s cleaned. Choose another, moisture free, room in the house and hang or lay the pillow out to dry. Return it to the bathroom once you are sure there is no dampness remaining. Ideally, your amazon bath pillow will be thoroughly dry by the next time you are ready to use it. 

Follow these simple steps for properly cleaning and drying your amazon bath pillow, and it will bring luxury and comfort to your bathroom for a long time. 

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