How To Download Instagram Profile Picture In Full Size


Instagram allows users to upload profile pictures in a square-shaped format that has an aspect ratio of 1:1 or a photo that is cropped in a square shape. Likewise, when you view a profile pictures it becomes so blurred and short that it becomes difficult to view. Hence you need Instazoom to enlarge the profile Pictures.

There are many downloaders in the market but most of them do not allow to download profile pictures in full size. Either they enlarge Instagram Profile Picture without any option to download or they ask for money to process the downloading button.

Websites to Download Instagram Profile Pictures

Below mentioned are certain websites that can be used to enlarge profile photos in full size. One of our best picks to cater to your needs:


Instagram Zoom is a website which allows users to Enlarge Instagram Profile Pictures without any of much effort. This website that does not require any downloading or occupying any extra space. One of the biggest advantages is that you also don’t need to download the Instagram app it will work for you even without having an Instagram profile in the first place.

You only need to know the correct username of the person you intend to download from. Go to the website using your browser. Enter the username in the website’s user-friendly interface and within no time. You will be presented with a full-sized Instagram DP that can be downloaded.

The Instagram app maintains anonymity and it is offered free of cost to its customers which makes it the preferred choice because nothing is offered for free in these times of uncertainty.

2)     Social Down

Social Down is an Instagram profile downloader that let you enlarge the profile picture and download it. You need to go to the Instagram app first to copy the profile’s URL on the clipboard. You can later paste it into the search box of the profile to get the results. Also, you can also share the image on your social using this tool.

3)      Insta Downloader

Insta Downloader is a DP enlarging tool that let you be a completely anonymous person to view Instagram profile pictures of your favourite person. You only have to enter the profile URL of the user that can be accessed from the Instagram website.

4)      Gram Photos

Gram Photos is a dedicated website for downloading profile pictures. You need to insert the username in the search bar and click submit to view the enlarged profile photo. The plus point about this tool is that it let you view the recent and most viewed profile pictures.

5)      Qeek for Instagram

Qeek for Instagram is an app that can be downloaded from the play store or App store. After downloading, launch it on your phone and then type the username, select your intended profile from the drop-down menu and click enter.

You have a full-sized Instagram profile picture on your screen that can be zoomed in to around 800 percent.

But, don’t forget that the Qeek app also has a premium version as well that is available for a few bucks and it can download profile pictures for you in more than 100+ formats. However, the basic functions are absolutely free of cost.

Downloading Other Content From Instagram

Although Instagram started as a photo-sharing app. But it later evolves to incorporate long-form and short-form videos into the photo-sharing platform. However, Instagram does not provide any direct option to download the content but it can be easily done by using third-party websites.

The third-party website will, however, ask you to take a survey and after that. You can easily view the content and download it directly to your PC or smartphone.


InstaZoom – An easy, safe, and reliable tool to enlarge Instagram profile pictures while maintaining anonymity and no worries of deleting histories. Forget those times when no such technologies exist and people have to actually take the screenshots of the profile to zoom in on the profile pictures. Which is obviously of no use because the scattered pixels and low resolutions of the image become very difficult to understand and you end up getting more anxious.

Suggest this tool to your friends and they rave about you in the social circle. As a tech geek who knows the code to crack Instagram profile pictures.

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