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How to De-clutter Your Furniture During House Shifting

House shifting is a major episode in one’s life and it takes a lot to shift from one place to another. It is a cumbersome procedure, be it local shifting or long-distance shifting. It is equally stressful whether you are moving alone or with your family. You need to plan, prepare, and execute the house shifting process being suave and diligent. It is not an easy job and often requires professional help.

Yet, one of the biggest anxieties amongst the movers is that they cannot decide, what is best for their furniture. They feel confused about whether they should move the pieces of furniture or should they leave them in the house itself. We are going to provide you with the know-how to de-cluttering your furniture during house shifting in Bangalore.

How to De-clutter your Belongings?

The primary step to execute a house shifting process is to de-clutter. De-cluttering is important as it helps you reduce the unnecessary size of the move. Otherwise, the more belongings you have to shift, the more it will cost you to shift and the more you will have to pack, load, unload, and unpack. First, you should comb through your belongings in the entire house, be it your closet, living space, kitchen, bedrooms, restrooms, or garage. Pick out the items that you think are unnecessary and might not be of any use in the future. Now you have a choice to sell, donate or discard them according to their conditions and their purposes.

While de-cluttering, people often ignore their furniture. Furniture comprises the most voluminous, most expensive, and the heaviest pieces of your belongings that you will have to move during house shifting. At times, it is a wise decision to shift your furniture to your new house but sometimes it is more feasible to sell, donate, or leave them behind.

How to Decide whether you should Move the Furniture with you?

During the house shifting procedure, you have to be a level-headed planner and a prompt decision-maker. It is not very simple to decide whether your furniture is worth moving or not. But we can help you clear your confusion by providing you with some practical solutions. Here are a few hacks to help you de-clutter your furniture during house shifting.

·       Durability and Functionality of the Furniture:

Some pieces of furniture are always worth keeping like a table or bed. They are highly functional and durable. Moreover, you can pass them down to the next generation if they are of high quality. Estimate its value and in case you discard the particular piece of furniture, think of the cost of buying another one of equivalent built and quality to replace this item. If you analyse and find out that the cost of shifting the furniture is lesser than replacing it, it is more sensible to move it during house shifting.

·       Feasibility to Move the Furniture:

Some of the furniture pieces are massive in size and are tricky to dismantle. If you have a playset put up in your backyard, it can be very difficult to move such a huge structure in the moving vehicle during house shifting. If you have a solid wooden wall unit that cannot be dismantled, it will take five to six people to lift it. It’s going to be a herculean task to bring it down from your present apartment to the moving vehicle, load it, and again unload and carry it to the new house. It is not worth taking so much trouble to move such a bulky and heavy piece of furniture. This will be more feasible for you to get another wall unit in your new house or buy another playset for your kids as you move to your new house after house shifting.

·       Sentimental Value of the Furniture:

We all cross our limits and do things beyond our capacity for the sake of emotions. Some of our furniture has sentimental value attached to them. Things like a cabinet from your grandpa, an antique dresser from your granny, or a chest that belonged to your aunt who is no more; they behold an emotional quotient that cannot be replaced. Don’t discard or sell them as you will regret parting from them. They will save you only a few bucks which is much less than the sentimental value of the furniture. If this particular furniture doesn’t fit into the moving vehicle or it doesn’t blend with the decor of your new place, consider giving it to a close relative who will understand the emotional aspect. 

·       Right Fit of the Furniture:

Every house has a different floor plan and we get the furniture to fit that floor plan. Most likely, your new house will have a different floor plan, and your furniture will not fit in as it did in the old house. There may be some pieces of furniture that will not fit at all. You should sell them right away or leave them behind for the next owners of the house.

You should also sell the furniture that does not match well with the interiors of your new house. Some of the furniture pieces are of obsolete style; it is pointless to carry them with you spending extra moving cost. Sell these pieces to replace them with trendy and fitting furniture in your new house.

·       Old Furniture:

Antiques are a different story, but if it is an old and tarnished piece of furniture that won’t last you more than a year or two, it is not a practical decision to move it. Old furniture may get further damaged on the move so it is not a sensible decision to move it during house shifting in Pune.

Choose Juncture Over the Furniture:

Choosing to move your furniture to your new house is a circumstantial decision. The aforementioned pointers are a few key aspects that would help you decide whether you should keep them or leave them. So it is the juncture that would help you determine the utility of furniture after the house shifting. Now, that you are aware of the ways to de-clutter your furniture during house shifting, we wish you a happy move!

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