How to Buy the Best Diamond Tennis Necklace Within Your Budget?

While most of you know what a tennis bracelet is, some might be new to it. A diamond tennis bracelet is a series of tiny diamonds stitched together to form a beautiful sparkling bracelet. It’s one of the modern-day go-to accessories women love to wear every day. 

Now, let’s talk about a slight innovation of these bracelets that we call diamond tennis necklaces. Instead of a small bracelet, this time, you have a chain stitched together with tiny diamonds in a loop that you can flaunt around your neck anytime and anywhere you go.

We love these delicate jewelry pieces, but considering how they are made entirely of diamonds, you probably think they will be way out of your budget. But not really. Let’s discuss tips to help you buy diamond tennis necklaces within your budget.

Everything You Should Know About a Diamond Tennis Necklace

Tennis necklaces aren’t something new on the horizon. Some jewelers suggest they are as old as the 19th century, and their origin goes back to Napoleonic France. However, the fact that it is now known as a tennis necklace is recent.

The term tennis was first given to the bracelet that a tennis player, Chris Evert, lost on the court during a US Open match. She famously put the whole match on hold to find her bracelet and refused to play until she did.

Since then, this delicate string of diamonds has been called a diamond tennis bracelet and is famous for being a delicate but ethereal accessory.

A diamond tennis necklace falls under the same category featuring individual diamonds together in a strand and encircles your neck entirely. A diamond tennis necklace is available as chokers and longer lengths or beyond.

They look very delicate and add a sophisticated vibe to your outfit. Most people prefer wearing a diamond tennis necklace with their formal outfits when going to a dinner or an evening soirée. But if you have been planning to purchase a diamond tennis necklace but haven’t been able to due to the massive budget, then let us help you utilize a few tips.

How to Purchase a Diamond Tennis Necklace Within a Budget?

So, moving on, would you like to buy a diamond tennis necklace for yourself or as a gift for someone? These necklaces hold so much grace and elegance that most people want one in their jewelry box.

But seeing how expensive diamonds are, we understand you may need help figuring out the budget.

However, don’t worry. Here are a few tips that can help you out:

  1. Go for Low-Carat Diamonds

A diamond tennis necklace requires a strand of individual diamonds delicately stitched together in a circle. Unfortunately, you will have to invest in a ton of diamonds, which will go out of budget.

However, there is still a way for you to make it work. Opt for low-carat diamonds instead of higher ones. One of the ways to bring the cost of a diamond necklace is if you compromise on the weightage. It will make the diamonds cost way less than high-carat diamonds.

There are different ways to purchase diamonds so that it doesn’t over-budget you. Compromising the weightage and focusing more on the cut and clarity will help you achieve that.

  1. Opt for Lab-Grown Diamonds

Another way to buy a diamond tennis necklace within a limited budget is to eliminate the notion of earth-mined diamonds and instead opt for lab-created diamonds.

Suppose you’re wondering whether lab-grown diamonds are natural diamonds; yes, they are. They are grown in laboratories and not mined directly from the earth, which minimizes cost. Naturally lab-grown diamonds share the same chemical and molecular properties, so there’s no difference.

Choosing lab-grown diamonds for your tennis necklace can help you massively cut costs while enabling your dream purchase.

  1. Play Around with Different Setting Styles

Instead of opting for a long tennis necklace, go for a choker. It will require lesser length, so you don’t have to purchase too many diamonds resulting in lower cost.

One big mistake people make while buying diamond tennis necklaces is that they don’t play around with different styles. If you have ever been to a jeweler’s shop, you will know that chains are available in different designs and settings you can play around with.

Explore your options before making a decision.

  1. Choose the Metal Carefully

While you’re trying to minimize the cost of diamonds, another thing you can do to bring the necklace within your budget is to opt for a different metal.

Most people would consider platinum or gold as the metal for their necklace, but you could change that. Platinum and gold are pretty expensive, and they will multiply the overall cost of your necklace.

We also don’t recommend going for a cheaper alternative as it is expensive, and your necklace might disintegrate over time. However, you can opt for white gold instead. It’s less expensive than yellow gold and would probably not cost you a lot.

  1. Play Around with Different Stones

Lastly, if you want to make it look a little more trending, you can infuse it with different stones. Go for sapphires, rubies, or any other stones to minimize the cost of diamonds.

When you switch up or alternate the stones in the tennis necklace, this will require you to use a lesser number of diamonds making your cost significantly lower than expected. Then the price of your tennis bracelet falls under your budget.

Final Verdict

So, these are a few tips that you can utilize to ensure that a diamond tennis necklace comes under your budget. You can start by weighing the cost of your diamonds and the length of your necklace.

Later, you can choose a different, less expensive metal or play around with different stones. It will ensure that you won’t have to spend a ton on the necklace while buying a gift for yourself or someone special that you dreamt of.

Also, don’t forget to look around at different colored diamonds while you are at it. Maybe you can explore various other styles and settings for your necklace.

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