How Do You Feel About Lab Created Diamond Manufacturer?

As society develops and progresses so does technology, one of the latest technological advances that of lab created diamonds. You asking yourself, what exactly these ‘lab created’ diamonds? As the name suggests they are diamonds that manufactured in labs using technologies like high pressure. High temperature synthesis as well as materials such as graphite and petroleum coke among others. These diamonds have the same physical characteristics and chemical makeup as mined diamonds which means that they are suitable to be made into jewellery without having to be cut or polished before use.

CVD Diamonds

After working as a CVD Diamonds Manufacturer for over 10 years, I have learned several things to help me deliver a quality product at an affordable price. CVD diamonds are more popular than ever. Lab created diamonds account for 35% of total fine jewelry sales! People can’t get enough of them, and there is an ongoing debate on whether or not they should be allowed in competition with mined diamonds. Lab created diamonds are becoming more popular because they are less expensive, yet still beautiful and incredibly high quality. So next time you consider purchasing a ring make sure to keep your options open when it comes to your stones.

There is no better way to express your love than by presenting her with a unique gift that will last forever. A lab created diamond engagement ring will provide just that, but remember that nothing compares to something real that has been mined from deep within the earth’s crust…just like our customer service team here at Logos Technologies. We would love to speak with you further about our products and services so give us a call today!

Diamond Foundry

The mass-production method of growing diamonds has been known as Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) for decades, but it is an expensive process, and because of these factors, it has not been used to produce commercial-grade diamonds. Earlier in 2016, a Silicon Valley company, called Diamond Foundry announced they were releasing their first small batch of completely lab-created stones. The announcement brought positive attention from across industries – from jewelers to investors – who expressed high interest in using CVD diamonds manufactured by Diamond Foundry.

Cut, Color, Clarity

Diamond cut, color and clarity in an entirely different universe than when our parents were getting married but that doesn’t mean we. CVD diamonds manufactured by a great alternative to mined diamonds in almost every way. You still get your size, cut, clarity and color (F VS1)—just all with reduced environmental impact.

On top of being environmentally conscious these days, we also like to know exactly what kind of world-changing power we’re buying into. Your money is going toward some pretty good stuff like education and healthcare programs for underprivileged children around the world. Oh, and then there’s playing Santa at Christmas—we can all appreciate that one! So next time you want a beautiful piece of jewelry with real meaning behind it—go ahead and choose life! And if that sounds like something you want check out Lab Created Diamond Manufacturer online today or give them a call at 866-47-0356 ext 1!

Four C’s In Nature Vs. The Four C’s In Man-Made Diamonds

To be sure, not everyone likes lab-made diamonds. Some say they aren’t real diamonds. Others say that there isn’t enough demand for them to make them worth it. Still, others argue that there are potential health risks involved in man-made synthetic gems. However, these arguments fail to look at one important aspect: unlike mined diamonds, which have an additional fourth C—conflict—lab-made diamonds are conflict free by definition. It is a great time to begin a new venture into man-made diamonds; CVD diamonds are only expected to grow more popular as they continue to improve their level of quality and size while remaining affordable. How do you feel about lab created diamond manufacturer?

Can I Go Back To My Synthetic Diamond Jewellery If I Buy A Lab-Created One?

A lot of people, when they hear synthetic diamonds, immediately think that a product manufactured in a laboratory must be second-rate, cheap and tacky. It’s hard to understand why: diamonds that grow in nature have nothing over those that are manufactured; they aren’t any better or worse (just because they cost thousands of dollars more), they don’t last long and with some clever marketing, it’s possible to make them appear even more valuable than regular ones. I love looking at jewellery and a part of me longed for an engagement ring; it wasn’t long before I realized I would need to find a good CVD diamond manufacturer.

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