How Hair fall affect Hair Growth?

Due to the problem of blood pressure – Having a problem with blood pressure not only causes problems related to kidney and heart, but due to this, there is also the problem of hair loss. When a person is struggling with the problem of blood pressure, then the blood pressure gets disrupted. Also, the amount of sodium in the blood is high, due to which the blood is not able to reach the hair properly, due to which the person’s hair starts falling rapidly. Although this problem becomes a problem of both high and low blood pressure, but basically this problem occurs due to the problem of high blood pressure.

Hair loss due to dandruff or scaly scalp or fungal infection – Tinea barbei, which develops in the beard or scalp due to the use of a razor in the salon, can cause hair loss on those areas, Cradle cap is another fungal infection that affects babies and causes hair loss or breakage.

Due to stress or depression – When a person is suffering from depression for a long time continuously, then during that time he may have to face the problem of hair loss. Although depression is considered to be a mental illness, but if it is not treated on time, it starts coming in the form of a physical problem as well. Having hair related problems due to depression means that now the problem of depression has progressed a lot and the third stage of this mental disease has started. In such a situation, not only hair fall but also hair starts turning white.

Due to Cancer Disease – Due to cancer disease, the patient may have to face the problem of hair loss. During this severe disease, the patient often has to undergo very serious and complex treatments and also have to take a lot of medicines, due to which the hair starts falling from the whole body of the patient.

Hair fall has become a problem that worries everyone. There can be many reasons for hair loss. Hair loss can occur due to an imbalance in the diet. Apart from this, excessive use of chemical products weakens the hair roots, which leads to hair fall. From lack of care to irregular lifestyle, hair fall can be caused due to many reasons. What do we do to take care of falling hair? But in the end, we are caught in the myths that claim to eliminate hair problems from the root.

But all these myths do not always prove to be effective. Dermatologist Dr Aanchal Panth recently debunked these myths which we believe and use to cure hair fall problems.

Myth- Always wash hair with SLS free shampoo

In fact- Dr. Aanchal explains that there is more foam from SLS. If your scalp is oily then you will need SLS shampoo. But if your scalp is dry and sensitive, then use SLS free shampoo.

Myth- Castor oil makes hair thick.

In fact- castor oil makes a coating on the hair which looks thicker. This oil does not make hair thick in any way.

Myth- Combing the hair 100 times improves hair.

In fact- excessive combing of the hair damages the outer layer of the skin of the scalp. This makes the hair even more frizzy.

Myth- Massaging the oil vigorously reduces hair fall.

In fact- doctors recommend that massage should always be done in a relaxed and gentle manner. This makes the mind calm and soothing. Oil massage does not have any effect on hair fall. But it definitely helps in reducing stress.

Myth- Hair fall is reduced by applying fenugreek. In fact, fenugreek is something that has been used for hair care for years. Applying fenugreek paste in the hair definitely brings shine and softness to the hair. But it does not stop hair fall.

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