Greece How Can Foreigners Enter Greek Universities?

Higher education abroad is no longer a dream for young people in CIS countries, so it is useful to know the algorithm in advance for admission to universities in CIS countries. University diploma offerings in EU countries offer a huge benefit to young professionals looking for work, as the document is accept in all civilized countries.

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In European countries, Greece is distinguishe by special circumstances – traditional teaching methods are perfectly combined with the latest teaching systems.

The benefits of studying in Greece

Greece is very hospitable to international guests. Especially for international students because the descendants of the great Greeks were very proud of their ancient academy. When you enroll in a Greek university, you should make sure that you have the following benefits:

1. You can master the required Greek language in 8-12 months, 

while you have admission to the university of your choice. Studying in a paid language school ends with a language test and certification.

2. Studying at a Greek public university is free. 

A free study guide is also issued The scholarship program is open to all international students. Many universities also offer free meals or cafeteria lunches for students.

3. Among other benefits, 

students in Greece receive free health insurance. Exceptions for public transport, including private flights to other European countries, students will receive hostels by a residence permit obtained in Greece. Or the University Transfer Service will help foreigners find affordable housing.

4. Greek universities participate 

in exchanges between universities within the European Union. Like any American or Australian university. Therefore, Greek students have the opportunity to study for one or two years at the best universities in the world. Some courses at Greek universities are taught in English. This means that there is an opportunity to achieve perfection in the knowledge of this language.

5. The quality of teaching in Greek universities

is very high and the subjects are the most popular. Many courses are dedicate to practical classes. Students also receive internships at Greek and international companies. In other European countries

Other benefits of higher education in Greece include:

  • Product license and strict quality control by the state
  • An opportunity to get acquainted with the most interesting history of Hales on weekends and holidays, preserved architectural monuments from ancient times.
  • The warm sea climate has many resorts to relax on the shores and islands of Greece.

The Greek generosity and devotion to international tourists come almost entirely from international students. That is why Greece is need as a country of higher education.

How to register

Contradicting the Greek reality here is that admission to a local university is easier for foreign applicants than for citizens of Hell:

1. Prospective students from another country

Submit a set of documents and receive a study invitation. The Greeks, meanwhile, had to pass their entrance exams and show excellent results.

2. Foreigners also show Greek language proficiency certificates.

But even without this document, as mentioned above, international applicants are still enrolled in the university’s language school under the terms of a one-year preparatory study. Documents will be sent between July 20-30, so prepare all packages carefully to meet this short deadline.

3. As far as other documents are concerned

you will need a birth certificate and visa to go to Greece – issued by Greek embassies in different countries of the world.

The requirement for international underage students is that their parents be in Greece to assist with the processing of documents, accommodation, etc. at the time of admission. These parents of international students can be agency representatives. Job documents (translations, messengers, etc.), provided by our company.

Differences in education in Greece

The dropout rate from Greek universities is relatively low – an unlimited number of tests are allow. All subsequent tests will be paid. Attendance at the lecture is not require. It is in great demand, however, and public lectures are still being prepare at universities in Greece, which everyone wants to attend.

The student visa qualifies you for an official part-time job, and young people usually get a job in transportation. Nanny waitress, etc.

After the first year of a successful major study, students in Greece can change their major and transfer to other faculties. Making the necessary distinctions between different subjects in this way opens the door to a direction that is not immediately available.

In the future after getting a Greek diploma

Although admissions to Greece are clear, international students note the staggering number of freelance jobs for university degrees. Therefore, the knowledge and skills acquired in Greek universities are sufficient to work in serious international institutions.

The Greek Diploma provides employment opportunities for young people in the European Union. It also allows them to radically change their lives – graduates of Greek universities are advancing in their careers. Full life and full awareness of opportunities

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