Great Britain v Italy in Mixed Doubles Curling

In the sixth triumph of Italy, in the mixed curling doubles at the Winter Olympics 2022, Stefania Constantini’s brilliant shooting aided. After a brilliant stone from Constantini left a three-point varnish impossible for Team GB, Bruce Mouat and Jennifer Dodds conceded conquest in the eighth end. Despite suffering two defeats, he endures in the hunt for the medal run.

After defeating Team GB 7-5 for their sixth straight triumph in the mixed curling doubles, Italy pursue undefeated.

In the best independent curling performance of the Olympics, Stefania Constantini produced implausible shooting for Italy therefore, everyone says that so far, it is a brilliant match.

Team GB endures in the game for a medal run despite two conceded, and Bruce Mouat and Jennifer Dodds can hold their heads high after going nearby.

In the first end, 1-0 up, Italy initiates the hunt with the hammer and varnished a cagey.

In the second and third end team, GB retaliates, crashing through in the latter and knocking Italy off the button with the sixth stone to win the match.

Before making it 4-2 in the fifth; Italy retorted with a strong fourth end, scoring twice.

On the fifth stone, the two nations produced fantastic plays with the sixth end, but who experienced knocked Italy off the rings after the tee line to earn two points; it was Jennifer Dodds.

But in the seventh end, knocking Team GB off the rings in front of the tee to score three points, Constantini squealed by the guard to generate the shot of the match and all but end the competition.

In the eighth end, the Team GB stone in a flaw that gave Dodds and Mouat hope, and Constantini glided deep in the rings.

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