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Shanxi Medical University

Shanxi Medical University, founded in 1919, is a comprehensive interdisciplinary university with various specializations at different levels. The university consists of fifteen schools and faculties. There are six departments: department of dentistry, department of medicine, department of anesthesiology, department of studies, department of English, and department of sports.

MBBS in Shanxi Medical University offers a six-year undergraduate program for students specializing in clinical medicine and eighteen other majors, such as public health, pharmacology and pharmacy, forensic medicine, medical imaging, medical laboratory analysis, nursing, anesthesiology, social work, information management, and information systems, English, public institution management, drug manufacturing, traditional Chinese medicine, advanced nursing, and optometry. There are also nineteen research institutes, four affiliated hospitals, and eight academic research centers.

World ranking: 212

Year English course started: 2008

Ranking in China: 32

Number of international students: 485


Number of students: 488,000; number of affiliated hospitals: 4

Participation fee: 100


SXMU has two campuses:

Shanxi Medical University has two campuses: Shanxi Medical University has two campuses. ShanSanMuMU has two campuses. Shanxi Medical University has two campuses, one of which has a total area of 200,000 km2. The construction of the new campus was completed to improve the university’s teaching and research environment. The new campus covers an area of approximately 1,200 hectares. The total area will be 400,000 square meters.

Project Highlights

Shanxi Medical University is a major institution under the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health of China. This is one of the leading and most advanced medical universities in China.

Shanxi Uni is recognized as an institution of higher learning by the WHO and the Education Council for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG).

It is authorized to admit foreign students funded by scholarships and other grants from the Chinese government.

SXMU students have obtained higher scores on the USMLE, MCI, and other qualifying exams.

Excellent lectures were given by world-renowned medical researchers and eminent physicians.

Every year we invite many American and British experts to give lectures at our institution. Seminars, lectures, and educational events are held more frequently.

Course Introduction

Shanxi Medical University is one of the first universities in Shanxi Province to be licensed to award doctoral degrees and master’s and bachelor’s degrees in China. Clinical Medicine and Public Health have been designated as national pilot units to prepare students for master’s studies. The university is authorized to grant medical degrees to adult students in Shanxi Province. The university is also authorized to grant doctoral degrees in the following seven fields: physiology, internal medicine, epidemiology and health statistics, occupational and environmental health, otolaryngology, and forensic medicine and surgery. The University is one of the leading institutions with the largest number of doctoral degrees in Shanxi Province with a total of forty-eight disciplines.

Main Subjects Of The Mbbs Program

Human anatomy, histology and embryology, microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, diagnostics, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, neurology, community medicine, psychiatry, rehabilitation medicine, emergency medicine, etc.

Traineeships And Careers

Internships for MBBS students last 1 year (at least 48 weeks). Generally, international students want to do their internship in China. However, if the student wishes to do an internship in another country, SXMU must conduct a qualification assessment at the student’s chosen hospital. Students must choose a WHO-accredited teaching hospital and complete the required weeks of internship and content. A placement certificate is also required.

At the end of the internship, students must pass the final examination of the theoretical test and clinical evaluation at Shanxi Medical University. After obtaining the MBBS degree, graduates can apply to the Medical Council for the licensing examination to register and practice medicine. Depending on the regulations in different countries, students may need to obtain degree accreditation first. Holders of an MBBS degree can find employment in both public and private hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare institutions. They can also set up their own clinics or study for a master’s degree.

Qualifications Awarded

MBBS Diploma: After fulfilling the requirements of the education program and successfully passing the final exams, international medical students receive a graduation certificate and a medical degree from Shanxi Medical University if they meet the university degree standards. The English version of the degree is MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).


Shanxi Medical University has a strong faculty. There are five thousand professors and medical staff. Postdoctoral fellows, doctoral and master’s graduates and those who have returned from studying abroad are the core of the teaching staff. Forty-two of them are teachers of doctoral students and four hundred are teachers of postgraduate students. Eighty-six of them receive the special state allowance. At present, about twenty thousand students of various specializations and levels of study at the university. The total value of teaching equipment is about 200 million yuan.


The university library has a collection of about 900,000 volumes, 1,600 different magazines subscribed in China and abroad, and 30,000 electronic disks of books. The library has also established exchange programs for books and published materials domestically with nine hundred establishments in China and around the world.


Classrooms are equipped with multimedia devices. Teachers for international students are highly qualified. International teachers teach MBBS in English to international students.


A state-of-the-art laboratory, equipped with all medical instruments and hundreds of cadavers, offers students a unique opportunity to learn and experiment.

Separate dormitory

There is a separate dormitory for boys and girls.

Hostel facilities

Well-equipped dorms with fully furnished and air-conditioned rooms for international students. Rooms are equipped with beds, TV, study tables, internet access, and air conditioning.

Hostel safety

Security forces and university police will protect the dormitories. Surveillance cameras are installed in all parts of the campus.

Muslim food

Halal food is available. There are Muslim hotels on the SXMU campus. Students may choose to eat halal meals in the canteen. For international and local students, breakfast, lunch, dinner and all kinds of snacks are available at a very reasonable price.

Affiliated hospitals

First Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi Medical University

Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University

Third Hospital of Shanxi Medical University

Affiliated pharmaceutical factory of Shanxi Medical University

Affiliated Dental Hospital of Shanxi Medical University

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