Don’t Do These Blunders in the IELTS Exam

It’s normal to commit mistakes in the exam, especially when it is the exam of your language proficiency. However, some mistakes can spoil your performance and lower your scores. From previous records, it has been observed that a number of IELTS test-takers have done common blunders which later on impacted their results. So, you need to be aware of such mistakes in order to avoid them during IELTS exam preparation and while taking the exam. 

Do you want to know which mistakes can reduce your chances of success in the IELTS exam? If yes, then keep on reading this article because we have rounded some common mistakes and the relevant methods to avoid them. Well,  the first biggest blunder done by candidates is a lack of preparation. So, if you want to get fully prepared for the IELTS exam, you can consider joining a top-notch source that offers the best IELTS online coaching

Here are some common mistakes you need to avoid in the IELTS exam: 

Overlooking vocabulary

Do you think grammar concepts are enough to crack the IELTS exam? Banish this thought from your mind as it won’t help you. Rather than neglecting vocabulary, make sure to enhance it with each passing day. Vocabulary isn’t only important in writing and speaking but also carries a huge significance in listening and reading as well. Let us tell you that you will encounter different words in the listening and reading section. If you are unaware of such words, how would you be able to understand both the tasks? You will end up being confused. To avoid confusion, learn at least 5-10 new words everyday along with their exact pronunciation and meanings to improve your vocabulary rapidly. 

Spelling errors

Are you just focusing on the grammar and pronunciation but neglecting the right way to spell words? If yes, then forget about achieving a target band score. Remember that you won’t get any score if you misspell words even though your answer is correct. You need to give importance to word-formation to avoid spelling errors in the IELTS exam. A plethora of students have failed the IELTS exam just because of committing this blunder. Don’t fall in that category by repeating the same mistake. Along with giving attention to vocabulary words, pay full attention to spelling as well. 

Not managing time properly 

Are you practicing under strict time conditions? IF not, get ready to submit an incomplete sheet in the IELTS exam. Being an IELTS test-taker, you must know that you need to complete every section within a limited time. If you don’t manage your time properly you will complete your task, especially reading and writing tasks. To avoid going beyond time, you should practice sample tests under timed conditions. Doing so will let you know whether you are able to attempt your task on time or not. If not, you can make a strategy to manage your time wisely. Sample tests will not only help you manage your time but also help you upgrade your performance. You can simply evaluate your test, notice your flaws and make improvements in order to perform exceptionally well in the IELTS exam. 

Lower concentration 

If your mind starts wandering here and there while attempting the exam, you need to make it stable. Remember that proper concentration is required to attempt every task perfectly. Let’s take an example, if you aren’t attempting the listening task with full attention, you might miss a number of sentences in the recording. This way, it will be hard for you to answer a few questions. This will alter or make you feel stressed and lower your confidence. So, don’t pay heed to anything around you and fend off random thoughts in your mind to attempt your exam with full concentration. 


Candidates usually speak complex words to show their proficiency in English but end up pronouncing them wrong. The incorrect pronunciation will reduce your IELTS speaking scores even though you are using an extensive range of vocabulary in front of the examiner. So, avoid pronouncing words incorrectly and know the exact pronunciation of each word before using them directly in the IELTS speaking. You can listen to podcasts or search on google to know the pronunciation of complicated words. However, if you want to learn from an expert, you can approach a reliable source that is proficient in English and delivers the best IELTS and PTE online coaching. 


Don’t ruin the months of hardwood by committing blunders in the IELTS exam. To accomplish your aim of achieving a target score in the IELTS exam, ensure to avoid the above-mentioned common mistakes. 

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