Different types of wedding dresses worn by brides in London 

We are approaching the wedding season and brides are overwhelmed by the kind of wedding dress they want for their big day. There are many big brands, stores in London so there are a variety of options to choose from. Today we are going to look at some of the popular types of wedding dresses that London brides prefer.

Mermaid wedding dress

Mermaid dresses are really pretty. You might have seen one since they are trending now a days. The mermaid wedding dress designs is basically a body-hugging dress, fit-to-figure from top to bottom. However, at the bottom there are ruffles that spread out like the tail of a mermaid. This design looks really sexy as it fits snug to the whole body flaunting your bust, waist and hips. It is almost like a body-con dress, except that this one is long and with a tail. It looks great on women who have a slim or hourglass figure. Since the ruffles in the bottom spread out quite well, the foot movement isn’t restricted, making the dress comfortable to walk and even sit in, despite being figure-hugging.


An A-line wedding dress is just what the name suggest. Similar to the alphabet “A”, it starts out narrow, snug to your figure and as it goes down, the flare begins. This design is somewhere between a ball gown and a mermaid dress. This type of dress is chosen by most brides as it is the universally fitting silhouette that looks good on all body types. It is comfortable to be in, isn’t too flashy and just the right amount of style and class put together in this wonderful, yet simple design. Many brides prefer a simply ceremony, with simple wedding Rings Hatton Garden and for them this simplistic design works really well. A-line dresses are mostly made from silk or embroidered fabric that will stick to your body in just the right way.

Midi wedding dress

Also known as tea-length dresses that end just below the knee. Not every bride wants a flowing dress and a long train of fabric brushing the floor behind her or being carried by little bridesmaids. Some want a shorter, petite-looking and more practical kind of dress for their big day. They look stylish and chic giving a quirky and playful vibe when worn ad wedding dresses. So, while you probably won’t look like a traditional bride, look on the bright side; you can now get really awesome shoes to go with the dress and unlike regular weddings, people will see and appreciate them in yours. So, that’s definitely a plus in our books.

Ball gown

Ball gown wedding dresses are for the real-life princesses. For all those beauties who have been dreaming of their fairy-tale wedding and want to be a Disney princess for a day, will absolutely adore this ball gown wedding dress. They are the most classic style of wedding dresses and give a balloon like appearance you see in movies. It consists of a fitted corset that sometimes have diamond studded buttons you can find in jewellers london, and a wide balloon-like flared full skirt. It has multiple layers also known as crinolines of tulle underneath that goes around the body in a flare. This type of dress is great for brides who want to accentuate their bust and make their waists look smaller in comparison.

Sheath dress

Sheath dresses are similar to A-line dresses, except that they have a round, long train of fabric that collects near the feet when standing. They give a rounded appearance and look best on brides on the chubbier side.

In conclusion

These were just few of the many wedding dresses that brides in London wear. There are countless more as one can easily get them customised from outlets all over the city.

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