Are Steelcase Chairs Worth the Investment? 3 Reasons to Buy

Steelcase is a leading furniture manufacturer for offices, classrooms, and hospitals. It studies and applies user-centered research and designs and manufacturers products for leading organizations to ensure their employees have better experiences at work. Due to its consistent and sustainable efforts, Steelcase chairs have landed the designation of Fortune’s 2021 World’s Most Admired Companies in the Home Equipment and Furnishings industry.

Steelcase office chairs are one of the best chairs out there, and they are not cheap. So, the question arises, “Are the Steelcase chairs worth the investment?” Well, the world certainly thinks so; let’s see if we can convince you.

3 Reasons to Buy Steelcase Office Chairs

Ergonomic Design

The Steelcase chairs were designed with comfort in mind. When a person has to sit in a chair for 8 hours every day, their posture gets affected, resulting in back pain and other ailments. This is where a Steelcase Leap or Gesture chair will help. Both chairs offer extensive ergonomic features, enabling the user to customize the chair according to their posture.

For instance, Steelcase chairs’ LiveBack feature changes the back shape to support the natural curve of your spine. This reduces the hunched posture and stress on your spine ligaments. Other ergonomic features include:

● Adjustable lumbar

● Thermal comfort

● Adjustable arms

● Lower back firmness and upper back force

● Adjustable seat depth

● Natural glide system

Increase in Productivity

Steelcase offers new and improved technology to change the workplace environment and enhance productivity. To prove this theory, they conducted a research using their Leap Steelcase chair in a real-world setting. They recruited two companies, one private sector and one public sector, and studied over 400 employees whose jobs involved sitting 6 hours in their chairs. Data was collected based on health status, pain, and discomfort.

Results confirmed that the Leap Steelcase chair increases productivity in the workplace. The public sector had a 17.8% increase in productivity, and the private sector increased productivity by 8.3%.

A Sustainable Choice

Steelcase employs sustainable practices in its design and manufacturing processes to reduce its carbon footprint and be recognized as an eco-friendly and sustainable brand. They have continuously tried to reduce the greenhouse gases emitted during their manufacturing process by hiring an internal carbon team and an executive oversight committee.

Following are some of the ways they stay sustainable:

● Investing in renewable energy and purchasing verified carbon offsets for global fossil fuel usage

● Increasing awareness through their greenhouse gas accounting and reporting educational series

● Reducing single-use plastic and focusing on material management


If you are still not convinced, Steelcase chairs come with a limited lifetime warranty. If this isn’t a testament to the company’s value and its product’s quality, then what is? Steelcase chairs are worth the investment as they can last for several years and ensure your posture, overall health, and work life is not impacted negatively. However, the answer depends on your preference, budget, and needs. If you have the means to buy a Steelcase office chair, we recommend you go for it. We hope this article helped!

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